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Lately I have been writing some stuff about framework. So this post is to be little more insight.

Before I was using codeigniter. But there are some things I don't like in it. I tought it could be good experience with open source products and decided to work on my own framework.

Some of the features:

  1. Written for php 5 and will not support php 4;
  2. Uses PDO (php data objects) for making database queries so hopefully framework could use any database type PDO provides, you can find those here . Although there is some annoying things about pdo. For example, you cannot count on PDOStatement->rowCount method, because it works only on affected rows, not selected. Some of the database types can return row count number on select too, but you can't truly be sure, if you admit that in some point you could change database.
  3. System is built on static classes, so you can access for example router class from everywhere. I can't find reason why you should initialize router class twice. Anyway you can choose your own methods how to handle rest of the code;
  4. It can handle javascript trough php for example for some language handling in javascript. Have to think about this more seriously, because sometimes you need to provide some other stuff to javascript;
  5. It is really fast, at least I would like to think it is. :) I am looking forward how to test this correctly.
  6. Almost every site I have build I needed more that one language and some sort of administration. So I also have some ideas about these two.

A lot of things to do for framework it self, including bug tracker, forum, documentation, examples, etc. Fortunately I can't promise when exactly will be first releases, but I'm working on it.

If you have some nice ideas what would be useful to have in php framework, please feel free to cantact me .


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