Date Tags 2009

I just installed windows 7 on my .. yes .. macbook. :) Everything went fine, without any problems, except install time, of course. :) But I guess it was fast comparing to Vista. First impression is very good, I mean really very good. Bad thing is that I don't remember my network key for wireless access point so I don't know if it is a windows problem or what. I tried to open "Explorer", "Internet explorer" and "media player" and they were doing quite fast. I know, there is no reason why to move back to windows, but I'm quite impressed about it, firstly because it looks beautiful, secondly, because it is fast even on laptop. But (always have some:) windows xp is fast too with fresh install. After some months it is/was always starting to drive me crazy. And another thing I have noticed - better computer, faster it gets slow. So .. hard to say if it is fast or slow in real life - I will not use it in everyday basis (OS X has bought me:), but I would be lucky if I could have need for using it.


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