A lot of "against" lately

And here is another one. :) This time I am against Internet Explorer 6. Inspiration came after reading this blog post . I think we all should follow Norway in this one, so I made a little html + css script.

Put that little source on your page and result will be similar to the one in picture, what is in Latvian, but below is download link to English version, too:


Download source: en | lv

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Little comparison

Yesterday i wrote a little comparison test. Let an image show you the rest.more


Strange thing is that first time running php, it was a lot slower than ruby, bet still faster than java. And what for "Scala" - I put it here because I read that some part of twitter are using it. It is so slow when comparing to others so I saw no point to include it in files test.

Here are all files needed to make the test.

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I hate Microsoft, really. Lets start from begining.

Last thursday a friend of mine asked me a question: "Is it possible to get Microsoft dynamics crm working with php? Send messages, etc.". I thought: "Never heard of it, but how hard it could be?" So I said, that I will look more into it that evening.

I started with parallels , because I wanted to do some other tasks, also and because of windows 7 beta installation on bootcamp disk. So I got parallels and installed xp. That went really nice and easy. I spent a little time enjoying parallels "Coherence" mode and started to look farther. I was already downloaded MSCRM server and Client (at this point I smelt something bad is coming, because of client and server installations).more

I understand that crm is working very closely with MS Outlook and MSSQL, so I installed MS Office and went to microsoft.com for mssql. I found MSSQL Express, which is for free, actually. After installing mssql I mounted crm server iso file and started installation.

Firstly I was introduced …

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Swedbank internet bank

Little thing, but still why there is button - "Hide accounts", what is totally useless, because it is only real thing in first page after login and only one I expect to be there. And, if we are getting into details, why there is no button for hiding ads? :D


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A lot to say

I have a lot to say, I just don't know how to. Or maybe I don't know how to summarize. The right words is just not coming out. When I write long posts at some point all post seems brainless. So I keep posting short posts. :)

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I found about Twestival some days ago somewhere on twitter. Today I saw already opened tab and looked more deeper into the site. I have watched videos on the site and now I'm looking through these pictures and listening to this music (what is actually quite good). Interesting...

p.s. This story is even more interesting.

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Skype status message from itunes

Some time ago I was searching how to get "now playing" status from itunes to show in skype. Then I did not find anything. Today I remembered it and decided to try search again. I found nothing and with nothing I mean I couldn't find any application that could do that. But instead I found this forum post - http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=83508 what made me wonder. So I looked in Skype settings and there it is - Cmd+, -> Advanced tab -> "Show iTunes song in my mood message". Simple enough. :)

p.s. I don't know if this works on windows skype too.

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