Ill, updated

I'm ill. 38.2 C.

She is ill too :( - 39.1 C

p.s. I don't quite remember when last time I was ill like this.

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How can it be, that goverment is cutting off salaries for every unit, but leaving their self salaries as they were? So imagine preschool teacher, who have and had salary something about 250 ls after taxes and they had some bonuses. Now they don't. And now imagine some fat guy sitting in our government and getting salary something about 4000 ls more or less and without any wish to lower they incoms. They are threating us like an idiots. I do understand that there is crisis out there and we need to lower our expanses, but how can they cut off teacher salaries, what has always been to low and leave their unchanged. From what I have heared, they will talk about to cutt off their bonuses or not. :D

So how can we live in the country like this, when there is such a lot absurd and wories about tomorrow?

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Wordpress updated

Little late, but I just updated my wordpress version to 2.7 and it looks great. Admin interface has got a lot of attention. :)

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Windows 7

I just installed windows 7 on my .. yes .. macbook. :) Everything went fine, without any problems, except install time, of course. :) But I guess it was fast comparing to Vista. First impression is very good, I mean really very good. Bad thing is that I don't remember my network key for wireless access point so I don't know if it is a windows problem or what. I tried to open "Explorer", "Internet explorer" and "media player" and they were doing quite fast. I know, there is no reason why to move back to windows, but I'm quite impressed about it, firstly because it looks beautiful, secondly, because it is fast even on laptop. But (always have some:) windows xp is fast too with fresh install. After some months it is/was always starting to drive me crazy. And another thing I have noticed - better computer, faster it gets slow. So .. hard to say if it is fast or slow in real life - I will not use it in everyday basis (OS X has bought me:), but I would be lucky if …

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Returning references

Why is this working:

and this is not:

showing me an error: Only variable references should be returned by reference.

I guess php compiler is not so smart to check if booth those return values in second example are variables.

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Great day, a lot of snow, everything white and peaceful and what is strange - it is not cold outside. :)

Here are some fast images:

s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6

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Lately I have been writing some stuff about framework. So this post is to be little more insight.

Before I was using codeigniter. But there are some things I don't like in it. I tought it could be good experience with open source products and decided to work on my own framework.

Some of the features:

  1. Written for php 5 and will not support php 4;
  2. Uses PDO (php data objects) for making database queries so hopefully framework could use any database type PDO provides, you can find those here . Although there is some annoying things about pdo. For example, you cannot count on PDOStatement->rowCount method, because it works only on affected rows, not selected. Some of the database types can return row count number on select too, but you can't truly be sure, if you admit that in some point you could change database.
  3. System is built on static classes, so you can access for example router class from everywhere. I can't find reason why you should initialize router class twice. Anyway you can choose your …
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Help Latvia

So there it is - . I have been working for some while on this project after watching interview in bloomberg television (wee all now what interview). Still there are some improvements to make. As everybody knows, I'm not a designer, so don't blame me for the look of the site, but suggestions are more than welcome.

I don't put big hopes for the site, this mainly is just for the framework to evolve. And I have some pretty nice ideas to make it little different from all frameworks. :)

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Little shinny day

And my new 50 mm F/1.8 is finally here.

This was the tough one - buy it or not. From one side spending money on something like lenses could be the last thing to do, but from other side long time has passed when I bought camera and long time I have wanted new lenses and this one was quite cheep. I guess I will see if this was a good or bad purchase.

All this thinking about buying stuff I want and I like leaded me to a decision. Finally and officially I can say, that I am looking for an abroad job. And I mean like taking my stuff and leaving without any thinking. Problem is finding a job or I could say: "the job". Fortunately I can't think my self coding sites for clients. I want to do something new, something challenging, something interesting. For example, Mozilla corporation looks very promising, where, btw, I did send my application, but without any luck for now.

That is for now. Little later, I will post some more information …

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