Is 8GB Macbook M1 enough for development

The answer is no!


Here I have few apps open like: Chrome, Docker, vscode, Teams, Outlook web app, Spotify, Whatsapp, Notes, maybe some more, but nothing very specific that would hog the memory.

So if you buy one, I suggest to get Macbook pro with 16GB memory and I suggest you do, because its pretty awesome.

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Another PUBG issue

  • Update (2020-02-03): Brought some things up to date.

I have been "whining" on reddit about pubg issues for a while now, and I think I finally figured it out. - to be honest pubg is a weird game. I have been playing lot of COD:MW lately and some CS:GO too, and sometimes I win, sometimes I lose there, as it should be cosidering that I am quite average gamer here. But PUBG is an annoying nightmare, nothing works for me, I lose 95% of time even if its not an RNG case. In some cases when opponent is distracted and I win a fight it happens with a weird stutter. In one frame I am firing, in second they are on the ground with missing fall animation. As I said PUBG is acting weird. Anyway the following is still relevant.

Take a look at my other post on how to get a better performance in Pubg.

Lets start from the beginning?

I put together a computer just for gaming around a year ago. At the time x299 chipset just …

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Ultimate guide to solve PUBG stuttering issues

  • Update (2020-02-03): Brought some things up to date.
  • Update (2019-05-03): Few typo and speeling fixes.

So I have been fighting with fps drops and stuttering issues for quite a while now, and I have a decent system. Here is what I have found. This guide is for nvidia with a better GPU than CPU (apparently that stuff matters), and most probably won't work for everyone, but you can find ideas to increase performance.

  1. Avoid hdd, go for ssd or even better M.2 NMVE drive. Last one loads games, and system it self, million times faster.
  2. Go for performance middle ground. For example, download OpenHardwareMonitor, check that CPU and GPU utilisation is somewhat consistent. Later on that.
  3. Make sure you have a decent mouse and keyboard, especially mouse. Upgrading generic mouse to SteelSeries Rival was like a day versus night for me. Switched to Logitech G305 and don't want to look back.
  4. If it is an option for you, go for a 144Hz monitor. Even if your computer can handle only 90fps, its still a lot better than 60Hz. Also …
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PHP error handling

You can learn new stuff each day, for example we have just recently turned php errors into exceptions. It is so good, that I decided even to write about it here. Currently we do this only on development environment for safety, because the page code is quite old. Anyways, every php development should do this to get rid of php's annoying error reporting and hopefully make a better product. So enough talking, here is the code:

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PHP/Code Editors

In general I need two main features from the code editor. (I will not talk about obvious ones like unicode and unix/win/osx line ending support, fast, good UI, etc) And those are: sftp browser and just a good editor.

Nobody seems to ever get it right.

TextMate seems to be fast, but lacks sftp support. Same for sublime (which is also just weird editor). Same for Kod. Same for lots of them.

Then there are editors with bunch of features, but are so terribly slow or lacks design so much or just can't seem to get some of the features right. For example eclipse and all its crazy movement. Or komodo with its seems-to-be-unfinished sftp panel.

Then there are few those that shine out like Espresso and Coda. They are not bad at all, but for example Espresso is kind of slow on my computer and I can't get used to its sftp browser. On the other hand Coda is nicely made and is full of features, but I don't really use them all so from my point …

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These are from my parents garden..

Img_0006 Img_0008 [See the full gallery on Posterous]5

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